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             Vitality  Seminar's  Practitioner Training System 
    Certifications in Health Coaching & Yoga Therapy Treatments
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      Vitality Seminars is the ONLY  Practitioner Training that blends Coaching, Energetic Healing, and Yoga Practices.
Integrative Treatments include: Health Coaching, Bodywork, Psychological theory, Client Coaching Plans and Life Purpose Guidance. 
    The Coaching syllabus includes: Integrative Assessment, Bodywork/ Somatics, Vibrational Medicine/ Ch'i Energetics, Psychology, Counseling, Yoga and Meditation. 
  LFT Instructor, Vitality Seminars Healing Schools. You can take the skills gained in Teacher-Training directly to employment as an LFT Instructor at the School, or re-create the Training at a School in your area.

Motivational Speaker. You can develop a profitable business offering great products, needed services, compassionat support, and The Life-Force Process for effecting change. People study with people who offer what they need to know, and how to do it. LFT Trainers are very effective at pinpointing essential topics and mapping out the steps to a breakthrough.

Relationships Facilitator. People in relationships go through phases where they need support, education, communications techniques, and a "map" to help them move through differences. Vitality Seminar Trainings gives you a strong foundation to work with people, to achieve their goals in love, romance, intimacy/ sexuality, security, and individual / partnership fulfillment. Your Vitality Seminars Training in Life-Force Treatments gives you the skills to help Partners and Couples heal their "Wounds of Love."
Paul Wellin, M.A., CAMT, LFT
Ph: (858) 663-7369  
Overview of Vitality Seminars' Introductory Training, Certifications, and Specializations:

      "Healing With Your Life-Force," your guide to health,
      prosperity, love, and 'The Healer Within,' can be pre-
      ordered now, HERE.
The Life-Force Course
Join us for Our "LIVE" Course or Home-Study Correspondence.
                       Vitality Seminar’s Pain Management Specialization was devloped to offer solutions for the millions of pain sufferers around the world.  This includes chronic pain issues, physical energy challenges (sleep challenges, hyper-actvity, restlessness), and undiagnosable somatic complaints. The Pain Management Certification Course  empowers you with tools and methodsthat include western and eastern hands-on techniques, plus holistic,  transpersonal, and transformational approaches. Your Pain Management Course will make you available to treat and educate people who can't find answers any where else.
  LEVEL 3: Teach the Life-Force Classes 
The Pain Personality
Yoga Anatomy & Posture for Pain Relief Clinical Mind-Body Therapy 
Spiritual Healing Practices 
Guided Meditation
                          The Purpose for Pain
                   The Messages of the Pain 
                     Physical Pain Symptoms 
                The Three Emotions of Pain
 Mind and Psychology of Chronic Pain
 The Pain Management Practitioner Course includes: 

         ~  What is Life-Force?  
         ~  How We Find the Presence and the Vital Energy in Our Body,
              our Mind, and our Dreams 
         ~  Rebalancing  Mind-Body and Soul 
         ~ The regenerative and restorative properties of our Awareness
         ~  Healing with the Life-Force perspective
         ~ The Life-Force contribution to a Healthcare System
         ~  How Life-Force affects our Moods, our Self- Image and our Personality                                         
         ~  How to read the life-force levels of freinds, family, and loved one
         ~  Asking Healing Questions                                           
         ~  Understanding Earth-Changes and your Personal Growth Process.
       As our culture is undergoing a paradigm shift, Life-Force Teachers, Speakers, and Facilitators are needed to guide people through the changes. LFT Teacher-Trainers help people understand their transitions in career, relationships, physical/ mental health needs, or philosophical foundations.
LFT Instructor, Vitality Seminars Healing Schools 
Motivational Speaker
Relationships Facilitator

       Vitality Seminars School teaches Health Integration for changing times.  
      Vitality Seminars Courses teach you how to assess and treat a person's Vital Life-Force levels. As you practice Yoga Therapy Treatments, you help people get to the root of their chronic pain and anxiety issues. Vitality Students treat physical pain issues, but then activate the client's life-force. Your work helps Clients discover states of aliveness, awakening and fulfillment of their life purpose. 
     Vitality's Professional Trainings include symptomatic Integrative treatments, energetic initiations, and successful business practices.
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   In this exciting and mind-expanding Foundation Course, you will learn the basics of the Life-Force:
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